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Acrobatics classes: 
Black tank shirts black shorts preferred, unitards, black leotard with black shorts.
Hair always in pony tail.
Little Butterflies Program
Pink Leotard with skirt
Ballet Pink Tights
Ballet shoes. Sharp Bun.
Pink Leotard
Ballet Pink Tights
Ballet Shoes
(needs sneakers for 2nd part of class. Sharp Bun.
Ballet I 
Lavender Leotard
Ballet Pink Tights
Ballet Shoes
Burgundy Leotard.jpg
Ballet 2
Burgundy Leotard
Ballet Pink Tights
Ballet Shoes
 Ballet 3
Royal Blue Leotard
Ballet Pink Tights
Ballet Shoes
(Must be approved) 
Pre-Pointe & Pointe
Black Leotard 
Ballet Pink Tights
Pre-Pointe Shoes
Pointe Shoes

 For all hip hop classes: no jeans or crop tops, no offensive sayings on shirts.

All ballet classes must wear their hair in a secure bun. Check proper leotard color for your class. You may choose the link below for dress codes. Discount Dance and Weissman has a variety for all dance styles. JuiceBox Dance Academy store code for discount is #40259.

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