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Company Teams

JuiceBox Nation


Company team members not only compete in regionals but also participate in community events and have the opportunity to volunteer in some of our events! Company Dancers work together on their dance technique throughout the season. Dancers become a big family and built great friendships.  All of our dancers (company or not) strive for leadership skills becoming successful members of society. 

Company is a one-year commitment and teams vary in-class hour commitments. Auditions are held every May.

  • We have the right team for you! Ages 3 -19 are welcome to audition.

  • Competitive, Performance, and Recreational Teams!

  • Petites Sparks - Ages 3-6



* Tuition for the  2022-2023 Season

1 class a week $65 a month

2 classes a week $110 month

3 classes a week $142 a month

4 classes a week $160 a month

5 classes a week $180 a month

6 classes a week $200 a month

7 classes a week $215 a month

8 classes a week $235 a month

9 classes a week $255 a month

*Add $20 for each additional class.


An increase in tuition will take place in the 2023-2034 Season
Annual registration fee of $35
(discount for siblings)
Ask about our Military Discount 


● Drop-Ins $20

● 3 Class Trial Card $20

● Sibling Discount also available


Contact Us for private lessons

Cleaning dances, coaching


Choreography for Wedding

& Quinceaneras

10% off if booking 6 months in advance

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