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 Tuition Beginning Fall 2024



Registration is Open for:

Summer Camps /  $72 per camp

Summer Unlimited / 2 week Series $295


Annual registration fee of $35 per dancer

*An increase of class rate of $5-$20 has been added to tuition rates beginning August 2024.


1 class a week $72 a month

2 classes a week $135 month

3 classes a week $165 a month

4 classes a week $195 a month

5 classes a week $220 a month

6 classes a week $245 a month

7 classes a week $260 a month

8 classes a week $280 a month

9 classes a week $295 a month

10 classes a week $325 a month

11 classes a week $330 a month

12 classes a week $360 a month 

 $30 for each additional class

*Subject to change


$10 off for siblings &  Military 

● Drop-Ins $25

●$20 Trial Classes ● If a student registers the $20 fee will go towards the registration fee. 

Private lessons available

Cleaning dances and coaching


Services for Choreography for Wedding

& Quinceaneras Available

Please see the Quinceanera link for more info.

10% off if booking 6 months in advance

Missed Auditions for 2024-2025

contact for additional information

Audition 2024 (1).png

Company Teams


Company team members not only compete in regionals but also participate in community events and have the opportunity to volunteer in some of our events! Company Dancers work together on their dance technique throughout the season. We become a big family and build great friendships.  All of our dancers (company or not) strive for leadership skills to become successful members of society. 

Company is a one-year commitment and teams vary in-class hour commitments. Auditions are held every May.

  • Team ranges from Ages 3 -19 / Sparks / Performance / Jr Hip Hop Squad / JB Hip Hop Crew / OR  Elite

  • Competitive, Performance and Recreational Teams are available for dancers!



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