Dajae Symone is currently the Director for both; the mini and junior dance teams. She took her first Jazz/ contemporary dance class during her freshman year of High School at Desert Edge HIgh School with Ms.Chambers in 2011. Dajae furthered her dance education for four straight years increasing in technique and finishing in the highest  Performance Dance group. She continues to pursue her love for dance after graduating in 2015: she contentiously strives to learn diverse styles of dance through research and workshops.  Dajae studied  Classical Ballet with Ms. Jessica. Dajae is one of the dance instructors for Little Butterflies and Dragons Program. She is so excited to be joining the JuiceBox crew and she can't wait to help educate our youth and learn the many styles and passions the crew has to offer!

Emmanuel Moore "Bboy Kunta" is currently teaching our Breaking classes and is the  Music Director for our piano and voice classes. He is widely known as Kunta, has performed with Master of Ceremonies and Hip Hop legend, KRS ONE. Founder of Mellow Drama Crew (1996). 
Emmanuel "Bboy Kunta" is an active Youth Mentor who is very proud to be part of the Be Kind Crew, a non-profit organization seeking kindness and speak about being kind to the youth, teachers, and staff in schools throughout the valley. The Be Kind People Project offers innovative and effective programming and services to help students effectively understand, link, and apply social, emotional, academic, civic, nutrition, physical, wellness, leadership, and character education. Kunta has received awards in performance poetry, informative speaking, and debate. He has earned his  Associates Degree and furthered his education earning his BS in Organizational Communication from Northern Arizona University. 

Ms. Mimi has been dancing since she a young dancer and has been part of dance teams during her high school years. She participated in Desert Edge High School and Copper Canyon High School pom teams. Mimi is furthering her education by continuing to pursue her education degree. She currently works with children ages pre-school to 8th grade at a local elementary school.  Mimi 's passion is to make a difference in a young life and assist children with self-confidence and abilities. She currently is the director of the teen program and performance teen team.



Jessie Figueroa has been dancing since the age of 3 years old. Jessie has always enjoyed being around peers who have similar goals and have a passion for the arts. Jessie has been around the artistic world her whole life and has adapted the arts as part of her life. She has been part of JuiceBox Dance Academy since it opened in 2010 and has been part of JuiceBox Dance Teams year after year. Jessie has always enjoyed helping people and staying positive. She currently attends Desert Edge High School and teaches dance under the supervision of Andie FIgueroa. Andie has taken Jessie under her wing and has been teaching Jessie the skills and fundamentals to be a successful teacher. Jessie enjoys making a difference in a young dancer's life and enjoys being a teacher. She also enjoys cooking and loves learning about animals.


Ms. Giana has been a student here at JuiceBox for several years focusing on our hip hop and ballet program! She is a current student at Millennium High School and is part of their dance program.  Giana is currently assisting the recreational hip-hop program on Thursdays.


Ms. Kendall is one of our newest dance instructors to join our team.  She is a current Senior at GCU and has years of Ballet and dance experience. We are extremely excited to have Kendall Smith on our team!! More Information to follow.