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Team Bios


Ms. Chloee

Ms. Chloee has been part of the dance world her entire life. She has years of experience and has choreographed award-winning competition dance numbers. Ms. Chloee takes dancers to the next level with appropriate safe technique. She has won several choreography awards for her competition dance pieces. She is the Director for our Elite Team and part of our Coaching team. Ms. Chloee is an alumnus of Grand Canyon University (GCU); GO LOPES!


Ms. Corrina

Ms. Corrina has years of artistic experience and has been dancing and choreographing pieces since her high school years in the West Valley. Corrina is our Hip Hop Dance Crew Director and has been working with our dancers since 2018 virtually and in person. She has supported the hip hop culture and teaches the elements through her work and experience.

Ms. Corrina expresses the importance of musicality to expand creativity within the movements. She helps students to display emotion and feel to both sound and movement. Ms. Corrina makes sure to challenge the kids in a very positive and loving manner to allow the kids to grow and express themselves in an enjoyable safe way. And most importantly to allow the kids to have fun! 


Ms. Jessie

Jessie Figueroa has been dancing since the age of 3 years old. Jessie has always enjoyed being around peers who have similar goals and have a passion for the arts. Jessie has been around the art world her whole life and has adapted the arts as part of her life. She has been part of JuiceBox Dance Academy since it opened in 2010 and has been part of JuiceBox Dance Teams year after year. Jessie has always enjoyed helping people and staying positive. She is a  Desert Edge High School alumni, class of 2023, and was a Varsity Pommie as well as President of the Scorpion Dance Company. Jessie also performed at the SUPERBOWL HALFTIME SHOW WITH RHIANNA. She also has made ALL AMERICAN ALL STAR, performed in Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, and was invited to be part of UDA staff after high school.  Jessie enjoys making a difference in a young dancer's life and enjoys being a teacher. She is attending NAU to major in Statistic Communications.

Ms. Ella

Ms. Ella.png

Ella Mooney has been dancing in studios for 9 years. She has discovered her love for creating and teaching through her former hip hop adult crew. Ella’s favorite style of dance is Hip Hop and Freestyle. She was on a competitive adult hip-hop crew for 5 years and was captain 2 of those years. Ella is currently completing her Bachelor's Degree in education.  

Ella believes that teachers have the biggest impact on students' growth in and outside of the classroom. Ella loves to support students' self-confidence and help students to feel comfortable in their movement and listening to all the different aspects of music.  Ms. Ella is one of our office assistants and  also assisting with our JBDA / NDEO Internship program. 


Ms. Kylie

Ms. Kylie has been dancing since the age of three. She has years of competitive dance under her belt. She was featured in the Ballet Snow Queen for two consecutive years starting at the age of 8. Kylie was also a member of her high school's dance company team where she was able to choreograph numerous dance numbers, was co-captain for her Varsity Pom-line, and made "All American All-Sta"r opportunity.  She choreographed a Pom routine for an elementary school who placed 2nd place at all district competitions. Currently attending Grand Canyon University pursuing  her Bachelors of Science in Business Management. Kylie has an abundance of passion for dance and is blessed to be apart of JuiceBox Dance Academy.

Ms. Jazmin


Jazmin has been training and dancing for 19 years. Her love for dance and fearless personality has led her to become a dance major at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC). Jazmin furthered her education and Graduated from
ASU with a BFA in Dance Education in May 2020. She continued her leadership skills and served as Artistic Director Assistant to Director Janaea McAlee from EMCC Dance Program. She is also part of the Arizona BE KIND CREW which promotes postivity in the education systems. Ms. Jazmin currently teaches our Ballet classes.


Ms. Janae

Janae Robinson has been a dancer since a young age, as she has been part of JuiceBox since the age of 8. Janae is part of the National Dance Education Organization Internship program where she now assists with council responsibilities. She has choreographed for BSU and the intermediate dance program where she won "Choreographer of the Year" as well as NDEO Choreography Contest winner.  Janae is also certified with IDTS (International Dance Teaching Standards) as a teacher assistant. Ms. Janae currently teaches recreational Hip Hop.

Ms. Ashley

Ms. Ashley is our current long-term substitute dance instructor and our newest teacher here at JuiceBox Dance Academy. Ms. Ashley is a current dance major at Arizona State University.

Ms. Zoe


Ms. Zoe was a previous student here at JuiceBox Dance Academy for a few years and a current graduate from Desert Edge High School, class of 2023. Zoe was part of the Color Guard Team for 4 years and fulfilled her years as a girl scout. Zoe will be assisting in the office.

BAND_Hip Hop & Perf. + 2023-2024_2024-01-05-214919.jpg


Under the mentorship program, the JBDA Internship Program, and NDEO Internship Program, interns who have excelled in the programs and are ready to take the next step into dance education, will have the opportunity to teach one class under the guidelines of their mentor. 

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